DHCP: two boxes grabbing the same IP address?

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Thu Nov 18 21:46:10 UTC 2010

2010/11/18 Masao Kitamura <masaok at gmail.com>:
> I've got DHCPD running on one box, and TinyDNS running on another.
> When a client requests an IP from DHCPD, the DHCPD server has a
> MAC->Name mapping, which then queries TinyDNS which has the Name->IP
> mapping.
> This has been working for 20+ clients for the past few years, but now
> I'm having a conflict where 2 machines are constantly getting the same
> IP (where using that IP can be unpredictable as to which box it refers
> to).
> How do I fix this?  Is there way to clear either the server or clients?

if mac address different on both boxes? usually some buggy hardware
can produce same mac address on lan cards..


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