Grub 2 and moved sytem (rant and question)

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Thu Nov 18 19:53:04 GMT 2010

On Thursday 18 November 2010 08:32:55 pm Rashkae wrote:
> > First try: no luck. Grub fails with: Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/<some long
> > and impossible to understand stuipd uuid>
> This error cofuses, me since it's not really a grub error.  (grub
> doesn't have concept of /dev filesystem)  I'm guessing that grub
> succesfully loaded a kernel and initrd, but something must have gone
> wrong with the arguments that were given to that kernel.

Possible, but what "something"? The new system is an exact copy of the 
original, just on another partition. On a grub-legacy system, there are 
two "something": fstab and menu.lst. If you correct them, the system boots.
If you use grub 2, you can't correct menu.lst, and the system hangs. So 
whatever "something" is, it's grub 2 related, as far as I can say.

> The /dev/sdx is very easy to change through no direct action from the
> user on systems with multiple hard drives, multiple i/o cotrollers. It
> was becoming a real problem.

Then give people a choice. Most computer users don't have multiple drives that 
can easily change place, and certainly don't have "multiple i/o controlers". 
Swapping an boot system that is easily controled by ordinary people in 
ordinary situations for a new system that only enables control by specialists 
in a special environment is just absurd.


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