Another funny....

Mark mhullrich at
Wed Nov 17 21:32:07 UTC 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 1:09 PM, Johnny Rosenberg
<gurus.knugum at> wrote:
> Den 2010-11-17 21:21:13 skrev Mark <mhullrich at>:
> Well, GNOME is not a window manager but rather a desktop environment, or
> did I misunderstand the whole concept…? I thought that the Ubuntu default
> window manager is Metacity.
You could be right - I typed before the message sank in far enough to
make that distinction, but Metacity doesn't manage the shortcuts,
GNOME does.

> Why don't you just change the short-cut manually to be what you want it to
> be?
You know, if I have to do actual work to get these things the way I
want them to be, to hell with 'em!  :-)

Actually, I didn't even think of that, but, surprise (not), it makes
sense.  Shouldn't be too hard, done it before, muttering away down the
hall, scratching my head....

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