Another funny....

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Nov 17 20:43:58 UTC 2010

On 10-11-17 03:21 PM, Mark wrote:
> The above emphasized section is the original message. I don't
> understand your question - are you asking what a k/b shortcut is, or
> if the specific keystrokes make a difference or what?
> There is a k/b shortcut setting for "logging out."  What the shortcut
> does is active the system shutdown menu, not the logout menu.  In
> fact, there is no logout option on the shutdown menu.  I find this to
> be a problem since my intent on "logging out" is not to shut down the
> system.  Seems like a bug in the shortcuts handling.

Indeed, never noticed that before.  Probably because the default Gnome 
shortcut key is Ctl-Alt-Del, which most people associate with shutdown 
rather than log-out.  However, it was named the "Log Out" shortcut, 
probably back in the day when the Shutdown and Log-out dialogue were 
combined, and now that has become a little counter-intuative (and leaves 
us with no method of creating a log out shortcut)

I would say file a bug, but considering the changes soon being made to 
gnome, I'm not sure anyone would jump on this at this point.

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