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> Sorry for not being clear. the "I" user is user "A". When "A" is connected
> to "b" as "B" and try to run sudo "command" on "b" ... it asks for "B" 's
> password.
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>Yes, that is the correct behavior.  If you want to run a command with
>sudo on "b" you'll need to have your own account on "b" or know "B"'s
>password.  I don't think there's any way around that.  Given that you
>are "the administrator" for their machines, you probably want/ought to
>have your own account there, with sudo privilege.  Any other way of
>side-stepping this is unnecessarily elaborate and not worth the

OK. I can create my own account on their machine. My question is: If I need to 
configure/install something with sudo on "b" for "B" and I use my own account to 
do it, would the configuration/install be available for "B" 's account? If so 
you solved my problem,

Tx for your help


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