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Wed Nov 17 01:28:12 UTC 2010


Here is what I would like to do in my environment

env: all machines running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
all machines running openssh-server and openssh-client

User "A" on machine "a" and user "B" on machine "b", user "C" on machine "c" and 
so forth ...

First I want to be able to ssh to "b" from "a" without the remote ("B") user 
password. So login as "B" on "b" from "a" with "A".
I was successful setting that up following these instructions:

Now what I want to do is to use sudo on "b" as "B" with "A" 's password or no 
password. I would prefer to use my ssh key for that.

Setting up the sudoers file with the NOPASSWD option is not an option. I want 
user "B" to keep her sudo password.

I have been trying many things I could find on the web, but to no availability.
Every time I try to sudo on "b", it asks for "B" 's password.

Any chance that it can be done. If yes could you point me in the right 

But first is it the best way to do it.
Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.


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