Got a new router, and need to change network setup

Steven Susbauer steven at
Sun Nov 14 21:43:21 UTC 2010

On 11/14/2010 11:01 AM, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
> The second one reports
> RTNETLINK answers: No such process
> The last one reports
> RTNETLINK answers: file exists
> I read up on the 'ip' command and after doing "ip route list" saw the
> format was different from "route -n" and
> guessed (correctly, as it turned out) that the right command was
> sudo ip route del default
> and then the third command worked okay.
> I have to say that those error messages are a new low in relevance from
> a user's point of view, whatever it
> may mean to the implementors.
> The good news: I can now ping, dig and generally navigate the internet. is synonymous with default, I should have mentioned the 
possibility that it wouldn't like using default itself. It seems it 
depends on how it was originally set up. route and ip don't necessarily 
see eye to eye all the time even though they're working from the same 
data set.

Both of these are interfacing directly with the kernel, error messages 
are definitely a bit cryptic.

Congrats on getting it working.

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