Run script at boot time

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Sun Nov 14 09:28:53 UTC 2010

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> Shahar Dag wrote:
>> On Ubuntu 8.04 I want to run a script that update some files.
>> I want to run the script when the computer boots.
>> The script takes the data from a mounted file system (it’s a network
>> file system).
>> The script is started by an entry in /etc/crontab that looks like:
>> @reboot   root  my_script
>> The problem is that the file system is not mounted when my_script is
>> called.
> You could change your script and make it wait for the availability of
> the data. For that purpose you could repeatedly check the output of the
> mount command or check for the existence of a path on the mounted file
> system and wait some time before you try again.
> Nils
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I can try this.
But I am worried that:
1. this will make my boot time longer
2. the wait in my script for the mount will prevent the mount since my 
script won't end


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