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>             (Tell me what happens - and then we go on with the
>             baby-steps to the
>             conclusion, OK :-) .)
>             BC
>         B.C.--
>         OK!   :-/
>         alsamixergui is now showing more controls than you can shake a
>         stick at.  Some controls cannot be changed -- they are stuck
>         at zero.  They are:
>         tone
>         3D control switch
>         Surro... phase invers...
>         Mic boost (+20...
>         IEC958 optical raw
>         Analog capture boost
>         Audigy analo... output jack
>         Exter... ampli...
>         HD channel capture
>         HD channel source
>         Sigm... 4-spe... stereo

Most of these will be set to zero - all they will show is either they 
are active (the icons are grey) or not active (white icons).

However, if you look at most of the others they will have vertical bars 
indicating the level of loudness at which they are currently set. The 
only ones which you leave at 1/2 way are those relating to 
bass/treble/balance of stereo out output. (If you go to a terminal and 
run "alsamixer" (Note the different name!) you will get a 'text' display 
of alsamixergui which is in some ways harder to understand and follow 
than alsamixergui.)

However, play around with the settings to suit your requirements.

What I suggest is that you start, say, an audio CD and then run 
alsamixergui and while the music is playing "fiddle' with the sliders 
up/down to get what you want.

> I do not know why, but the audio works for both my computer files and 
> web streaming.

Is OK :-) . Most glad that your sound is now working. Very good to hear!

> Was Pulse Audio somehow disabling the audio?

Pulseaudio is a parasitic nuisance - but for some people it is a 
wonderous and magical thing. Oh, and also the adherents claim that the 
problem lies with Alsa and not with pulseaudio - naturally of 
course...... :-) .

Now, now that you have taken the first baby steps, and everything is 
working for you, :-) , by uninstalling pulseaudio you would have lost 
the System>Preferences>Sound control because this control is part of 

Because I have a Creative 5.1 speaker system, I am able to control the 
volume of all the audio stuff I use (TV, YouTube, audio CDs, DVDs) via a 
volume/woofer control unit sitting on my desk close at hand and so I 
have no need for any other controls on the screen; as well, the apps I 
use - like vlc, xine, etc - have their own volume controls.

However, if you want to have a volume control which you could access via 
System>Preferences>Sound where you can use the sliders to control volume 
then all you need to do is to go back to Synaptic Package Manager and 
re-install pulseaudio - just that one entry, pulseaudio, and you will 
get that menu in Preferences>Sound back to play with.

If you have any more hassles/questions just simply ask, OK?

Enjoy your new found Sounds! :-)


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