how to update software installed on ubuntu

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On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 2:51 AM, yatheesh y <yatheeshlib at> wrote:
> how to install software on ubuntu
> I have give name: sschm      when installing ubuntu now How to login/ enter
> /run update software ?
> when I open terminal it show   " sschm at sschm-desktop:~$ "
> please tell me how to run/ update other software installed on ubuntu

It seems that your user name is "sschm
and your computer name is "sschm-desktop"

At install you had to choose a mandatory password "whatever_it_may_be"
linked to your user name

User name and Password are needed when starting up the system.

If on terminal, login sschm and then password "whatever_it_is" to log
in the system.

Password is needed when trying to perform supervisor roles like
updating software in Synaptic, etc. In this case you are required to
enter your password to go ahead.

If you find it difficult to communicate in English you may look at: to find a Ubuntu Worldwide LoCo Team in your
own language.

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