Desktop OS: To be or not to be...

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Nov 12 03:19:38 UTC 2010

On 11/09/2010 08:41 PM, Smokin Chevy wrote:
> Well, I will not profess to be an expert but am not completely green.  Most
> my my experience has come from running FreeBSD since 5.0 was first
> released.  I have run a few linux boxes over the years but mostly FreeBSD.
> My workstations have almost always been windows for my main ones and a few
> Linux / Macs as secondary in my line of priority.  I started switching my
> servers to CentOS about a year and a half ago and really started pushing to
> Ubuntu Server about six months ago.
> Anyway, I finally switched my main desktop to Ubuntu 64bit Desktop.  I would
> have to say after a week of running it that I do not think that Ubuntu is
> fully up to speed to be a desktop OS.  Atleast not past a standard desktop
> computer.  My biggest complaint is that in order to drag a window across my
> four LCDs I have to enable Xinerama.  Xinerama is not compatible with compiz
> so there goes any visual effects including the proper display of Docky.  I

Seems as if someone (and many others) have managed to do this w/Compiz:
[6 Monitor Linux workstation using Ubuntu and Compiz ]
as far back as Hardy, so perhaps it's a matter of proper settings?
Disclaimer: I do not have multiple monitors set up. However, if you
google for ubuntu + multiple monitors you'll find many examples/videos
of just this.


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