Abiword can't print long RTF file

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at decoulon.ch
Thu Nov 11 22:54:32 UTC 2010

On Thursday 11 November 2010 11:28:55 pm Jonathan Dlouhy wrote:
> On 11/11/2010 05:14 PM, Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> > I've been writing a program that produces RTF files. The program runs on
> > MacOS and on Linux (it's written in REALbasic).
> >
> > On MacOS, the RTF files are opened and printed by TextEdit with no
> > problem.
> >
> > On Ubuntu, documents that are only one page display and print well.
> > Documents that are several page long display OK but when it comes to
> > printing I get crazy results (some letters and numbers print across the
> > page. The layout seems to be preserved but it's as if only the first
> > character of every sentence is printed. This shows on the print preview
> > though...).
> >
> > Anyone also encountered this behaviour and maybe knows a workaround?
> >
> > Thierry
> OpenOffice?

If you mean openOffice as a workaround, no, it's not, openOffice's RTF filters 
are crapy and don't get RTF tables right.

Neither does Textmaker.

Abiword is good... as long as the document satys on the screen.


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is a vast ignorance of science" James Lovelock

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