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On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 12:14 -0800, Mark wrote: 
> On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 3:11 AM, Mariano Jara <marianojara at> wrote:
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> :
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> > I think that some public administrations of some countries are just not
> > quite ready to admit/accept the fact that there are other alternatives
> > on the market just as good or usually better than M$. They rather pay
> > rip-off license prices, than educate, teach and show desktop users how
> > to use and benefit from free software, that is as simple -or even
> > simpler- to use as/than Windows. Shame on them!
> >
> Hey, it costs a lot of money to retrain those admin-bozos who have
> been brainwashed into using (and. worse, getting *certified* on) those
> expensive monopolistic products so they can then use (and train others
> to use) free stuff.  What corporation doesn't love throwing good money
> after bad to keep up with the Gateses?
> And you, suggesting such a simple, inexpensive alternative to feeding
> the beast - how dare you?
> :-)
> Actually, come to think of it, whenever I help someone out on their
> cheap (in many senses) Windows systems, I mention that I run Linux and
> I usually get asked, "And how much does this cost?"  Even when I tell
> them it's free the *saves you money* implications seem to go right
> past them....
> Mark

Mark, this may be getting OT but, why do you think those people cannot
make the big change? In my case, whenever I tell friends or workmates I
run GNU/Linux on my desktop they either say, they hardly know it, or
that they heard it's too complicated and requires an advanced knowledge
of IT.

So I tell them about my parents experiences. They're both ex-Windows
users with no IT skills at all; nevertheless, I installed and introduced
them with Ubuntu (Gnome), and they cope with it just as well as they
used to do it with Windows.

Of course that their needs are pretty basic (internet browser, email,
chat, office and media apps, some games and file sharing and printing),
and I take care of installing security updates or new software to the
system, plus some occasional issue that may arise (providing that my
basic skills let me handle it).

All in all, I always recommend using GNU/Linux.


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