Desktop OS: To be or not to be...

ms devicerandom at
Thu Nov 11 20:19:08 UTC 2010

On 11/11/10 00:51, Christopher Chan wrote:
> The guy was asking how to get what he wanted, what he had tried albeit
> he did not provide all the details so that we can see his actual problem
> but he sure is not 'whining'.

No, he didn't ask anything. He whined about a problem he has and 
concluded that since he can't use Compiz on 4 monitors, Ubuntu is not 
good enough to be a desktop system, which sounds pretty much ridicolous 
to my ears.

> Are YOU able to join the projects and code? No? Then you have no right
> to tell him to join the projects and code.

Why not?

I don't go to user mailing lists just to complain of exotic features I 
would like but I miss. I would have understood perhaps if he asked on 
the Compiz or Xorg development mailing list, to ask if there was hope of 
something being developed in the direction he prefers.

But in any case, the only *constructive* approach (and he asked for 
this) is to try and fix yourself. It's free software for a reason. If he 
can't, well, too bad. Too bad for me when I can't too, but this is 

Massimo Sandal, Ph.D.

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