Remote VNC on computer bootup (Lucid)

Steven Susbauer steven at
Thu Nov 11 18:26:25 UTC 2010

On 11/11/10 10:02 AM, Steve Malenfant wrote:
> Why can't VNC let me in after I reboot my computer? Always ask for a
> password for the keyring that I have to plug back my keyboard/monitor to
> enter? Any workaround?
> Ubuntu has been a bit frustrating after changing from Centos... I'm
> getting used to it, but seems to be less user friendly.

Does your user account have a password? Do you have autologin enabled, 
such that the password is never entered at login?

The keyring generally automatically unlocks, except in those conditions.

If you are really trying to make this machine headless, I suggest x11vnc 
or another vnc server as mentioned. There is no need for this machine to 
actually run xorg from the local terminal if there is no monitor.

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