Ubuntu and personal media players

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 11 10:13:30 UTC 2010

On 11/11/2010 20:47, Ric Moore wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-11-11 at 20:19 +1100, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> On 11/11/2010 20:09, Ric Moore wrote:
>>> Would someone recommend a mp3/ogg player that plays well with Linux and
>>> is cheap? I bought a Polaroid PMP-180 POS that cratered out the next day
>>> after I loaded some MP3's on it. I'm not happy. It was cheap, but
>>> evidentially not cheap enough. Just so you all know, Polaroid's tech
>>> support from "southerntelecom" is non existent. I guess they saw Jobs
>>> making a buck and wanted to cash in. Did I say I'm NOT HAPPY?? Feel
>>> perfectly free to letter bomb them for taking Wayward4now's money. I'm
>>> hoping google will pick up on this rant for search results, too.
>>> Revenge is a dish best served cold. :) Ric
>> Hell, Murph, whereyabeen? vlc will play anything - if you let it.
>> Some people even suggest<shudder>  somthing called Amarok....
> Upside-down Australian person, I was referring to device that plays
> MP3's, that uses a USB connection to the computer to load files and
> allows me to rock out while mowing 7 acres of lawn. AC-DC time! Ric

You're not listening, bum-up-in-air-person, are you?


But then you are using kubuntu, right...... O:-)


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