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Stephen stephen_o at
Thu Nov 11 21:09:29 GMT 2010

On 05/11/2010 5:15 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 11/05/2010 10:30 AM, Stephen wrote:
> ...
>> I've had to re-install windows three times. Every time it over writes
>> the MBR and I have to reinstall Ubuntu as well. If the boot loader is on
>> a floppy instead of the MBR that problem goes away. Every one else that
>> uses the computer uses windows.
> If you've reinstalled Windows three times then I suggest that have
> issues larger than Ubuntu. I don't mean this as an insult, but reckon
> that you haven't quite grasped the purpose of the grub boot loader. So
> let's try to figure out: 1) what you wish to accomplish, and 2) how you
> are going about this, and 3) what needs to be done to assist.
> 1. If I understand correctly, you'd like the default boot to go to
> Windows rather than Ubuntu. Correct? If so we can instruct you on how to
> easily set the grub boot loader to do this by default without having to
> use a floppy. BTW: floppies with the most recent versions of Ubuntu are
> an issue, see:
> <>
> [ignore the obvious anti-floppy remarks]
> 2. When you say you've reinstalled Windows three times, are you
> installing Windows to a separate hard drive, and Ubuntu to another
> drive, or to a are both being installed on a single hard drive? Please
> explain in as much detail as you can the process that you are using.
> 3. Based upon the above I/we/others can better assist.
> Provide as much detail as you can. Also, be sure to review:
I am installing Ubuntu to a different drive. The reason I had to install 
windows three because the "recoverUbuntuAfterWindows" didn't let windows 
boot. Then after rebooting it wouldn't even let the system boot at all.

So I had to install windows again. I though I might have made a mistake 
so I used the above instructions again and had the same results. My 
system wouldn't boot at all. So I had to install windows the third time.

I tried to use VM ware and installed window in it. It didn't work!!! The 
windows drivers for the graphics card and other hardware wouldn't work, 
and the Ubuntu drivers which were patch to work with the VM ware didn't 
work properly. Especially the graphics acceleration.

Thanks for the input.
Stephen Oulton.

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