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Wed Nov 10 05:28:56 UTC 2010

Try the 32-bit version

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Smokin Chevy <chevy4x4burb at> wrote:
> Well, I will not profess to be an expert but am not completely green.  Most
> my my experience has come from running FreeBSD since 5.0 was first
> released.  I have run a few linux boxes over the years but mostly FreeBSD.
> My workstations have almost always been windows for my main ones and a few
> Linux / Macs as secondary in my line of priority.  I started switching my
> servers to CentOS about a year and a half ago and really started pushing to
> Ubuntu Server about six months ago.
> Anyway, I finally switched my main desktop to Ubuntu 64bit Desktop.  I would
> have to say after a week of running it that I do not think that Ubuntu is
> fully up to speed to be a desktop OS.  Atleast not past a standard desktop
> computer.  My biggest complaint is that in order to drag a window across my
> four LCDs I have to enable Xinerama.  Xinerama is not compatible with compiz
> so there goes any visual effects including the proper display of Docky.  I
> posted on here asking if anyone had any work arounds and I never got a
> response so I would have to assume that this problem is just accepted with
> no resolution.  Other quirkiness appears from time to time.  I may have the
> audio unmuted and it will display so in 2 or three monitors and the others
> will show in the panel that the sound is muted.  I can have a Screenlets
> daemon icon on one monitor but none of the others so it requires going
> through the menu to add a widget to a desktop.  To top it off about 20
> minutes ago I tried highlighting something that I had typed on google and
> the mouse started spastically fluttering around three of the four screens
> like little gnats.  The digital clock stopped and froze.  I knew at that
> point that X had left the building.  The lights were on but nobody was home.
> My thoughts are that Ubuntu is probably the closest and being mainstream
> desktop ready but they just aren't quite there yet.
> Anyone with constructive thoughts?
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