Synaptic history

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Nov 8 00:18:20 UTC 2010

On 11/07/2010 07:30 AM, R Kimber wrote:
> Although there have been a number of updates recently, Synaptic does not
> show them in its file->history menu option.  In fact it shows nothing since
> 30th October.  Is this a change (bug?) that has happened in 10.10? Or is
> there some tweak I can make to restore the history?

Looks to be a bug to me... I've the same on 10.10 Synaptic.

But google shows:
etc., that it's been moved to the software center... now isn't that
nice. It's changes like this (and the supposed move to Unity in narwal)
that make me wonder "what are they thinking".

I've checked launchpad & it doen't appear that anyone's filed a bug
report regarding this, so you might want to.
Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center now shows "Featured" and "What's New" sections, a
History of package installations and removals, and makes it easier to
find add-ons for applications. It also offers Fluendo DVD Player for
purchase, with more software to come soon.
but no mention of removing from Synaptic, so IMO it's a bug. File away.

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