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> From htop, I can already see physical ram is full, and swap is 80-90%
> full.
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>  rikona        

While you're already looking at htop, press the key: t (tango)

Then you'll get to see the process tree. That makes it easier to find
the process which uses a lot of RAM/memory. To determine which is which
you can look at the command. It's possible to scroll to the right with
the arrows-keys.

Another GUI-program you could use is "System Monitor". (System >>
Administration) Then, while on the process tab, you can select under
"view" extra properties to look at. ie. Dependencies (pstree like),
memory maps, open files etc.. Worth a shot I think.

Another approach is to use "watch" on the command "free" like:

watch free
watch free -mt
(easier to read)

Then start working and opening your programs and keep an eye on this
terminal. Then when your RAM suddenly gets filled up it's obvious that a
program runs away with your RAM, stop it and you found your
basterd-program.(it's possible that there's a memory leak somewhere)

BTW. How many RAM/swap do you have installed/configured?

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