Age-old topic: Windows-Explorer lookalike, where the firetruck is it?

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Fri Nov 5 00:20:20 UTC 2010

On 04/11/2010 21:02, Jacob Mansfield wrote:

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> On 4 November 2010 09:52, Zenaan Harkness <zen at 
> <mailto:zen at>> wrote:
>     And for that matter, why is it so hard to get 'close' to
>     Windows2000/WindowsXP Classic appearance?!!
>     Please note, I have administrated my own Debian and Ubuntu
>     workstations and some servers, for 15 years now! I am a libre/free
>     software bigot!
>     BUT, due to my work, about 10 years ago I unfortunately became a
>     WindowsNT/Windows2000 "expert", which, due to requirements of
>     supporting those with whom I work, has continued into the WindowsXP
>     era.

I am ignoring this email, and any more like it, from you, or not
Jacob Mansfield

Ah, there's nothing like an open mind.....just simply nothing better....


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