Log Turnover Problems

C de-Avillez hggdh2 at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 4 21:43:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, 04 Nov 2010 16:42:23 -0400
<bizdev at pwnspeak.com> wrote:

> I recently noticed my logs are turning over the wrong time.  Instead
> of
> the messages, vsftpd, ect, logs turning over at midnight, they are
> turning
> over around 7:50AM EDT.  Why would this be?  Any idea what config
> file I
> could/should be editing?  I've tried finding stuff
> in /etc/logrotate.d and
> /etc/rsyslog.d but I'm lost.

You are probably running under control of 'anacron', not 'cron'
itself. Please see '/etc/anacrontab'.


C de-Avillez
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