nVidia-96 drivers finally available for Maverick 10.10

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 06:07:48 UTC 2010

Christopher Chan wrote:
> On Thursday, November 04, 2010 09:47 AM, NoOp wrote:
> > For those of use with nVidia legacy cards, nVidia have finally
> > produced a patched version for this bug:

That's great news.

> > I've not had the chance to try it yet, but at least it's a step in
> > the right direction. You'd think that nVida would just release the
> > source given that this is old technology...
> Who knows how much of it is patent encumbered? Just saying...

I don't think that patents would be an obstacle for releasing the source 
code (unless they are infringing patents and the source code would 
expose the deed, but I think that isn't likely). Wasn't patents problems 
the reason to create GPL V3?

IMHO, a more likely reason would be that they have licensed code from 
other companies where they don't have the rights to redistribute the 
source code. Or they just don't want to release the code because it is 
their own precious IP.


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