how to grab dv video from a camera to a lucid machine?

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Tue May 25 03:47:58 UTC 2010

Winton Vandepeer wrote:
> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 9:45 AM, H.S. <hs.samix at> wrote:
>> Mark Syms wrote:
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>>>> Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 01:36:17 +0930
>>>> From: Winton Vandepeer <squareyes at>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> don't you need to connect with a firewire cable for  ieee 1394  ?
>>>> In your original post you said you connected via usb.
>>> Yes, most (if not all) dv cameras need Firewire to grab dv, USB is
>> usually
>>> only capable of grabbing still shots from the camera. This may or course
>> Yes, perhaps that is where I am mixing this up. I haven't done this in a
>> while. I recall that there was a problem with the way firewire was
>> handled after a particular version of linux kernel. Also, since I have
>> transferred images as well from the dv camera in the past using the USB
>> cable, I might have mixed up the usb and firewire cables this time while
>> trying to transfer the dv files.
>> Anyway, I need to get hold of the laptop first so that I can have it for
>> a while and be able to boot in to Linux. I will report back how it goes.
>> Thanks.
> Hi,
> I have a Panasonic NV-GS500 video camera, am running 10.04. with camera
> connected and set to playback via Firewire cable
> dvgrab works fine.
> squareyes at here:~$ sudo dvgrab
> [sudo] password for squareyes:
> Found AV/C device with GUID 0x0080458011771509
> Waiting for DV...
> Capture Started
> "dvgrab-001.dv":   999.89 MiB  7281 frames timecode 00:04:54.12 date
> 2003.04.21 19:43:33
> "dvgrab-002.dv":   999.89 MiB  7281 frames timecode 00:09:45.18 date
> 2003.04.21 19:51:27
> It captures in blocks of 1 gig

Excellent! I see no reason why I should not be able to get to work

The only thing that bugs me is the use of sudo to do this. I recall that
I was able to do this as a normal user while belonging to the "video"
group. However, as I mentioned earlier, something changed in the kernel
in the last year or two and I can no longer do so. I have had to use
sudo since. Apparenly, the relevant devices (/dev/raw, /dev/ieee1394,
etc.) are belong to root:root now. Perhaps there is a newer method to
capture video without resorting to sudo?


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