PC does not recognize live CD

Luis Paulo luis.barbas at gmail.com
Fri May 7 15:58:00 UTC 2010

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Thomas Blasejewicz
<thomas at s7.dion.ne.jp> wrote:
> It does not seem to work that way here.
> Pressing "esc" at **ANY** time has no effect. The computer ALWAYS boots
> from the HDD
> BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM first.
> LiveCDs that DO work:
> Ubuntu 9.04
> Debian
> LiveCDs that DO NOT work:
> Ubuntu 9.10
> Ubuntu 10.4
> Ubuntu 8.10 etc.
> Mandriva
> Fedora 10
> OpenSUSE just tried 10.3
> Puppy
> etc.
> So, of all the disks I have (tested) TWO actually work (=meaning that
> the computer is functioning and booting from CD is possible.
> The others don't.
> To answer another question: except the "debian" disk, ALL disks
> (including the one that works = 9.04) were prepared using my Windows
> machine:
> exactly the same equipment, same stack of new CDs etc.
> WHAT is the difference between a live Ubuntu 9.04 and a live Ubuntu
> 9.10/10.4 etc.
> Since one actually DOES work, it cannot be the computer, can it?
> Also, someone suggested downloading a new file, burn the CD again.
> Does not work. This time I downloaded both the English 10.04 as well as
> the Japanese localized version of 10.4. Neither works.
> And I tried this before: downloading 2-3 times, burning new disks. But
> that did not help.
> What magic is required to make this thing work???

When you say those CD works, you mean the machine boots from them, and
with the others skips them and go directly to hdd, right?

Can it be random and your cd drive have a problem? Hardware, I mean.

I guess your tried the 10.4 several times, so it could be that only if
it is a double problem. Bad CD and hardware.

Of course if you recorded the CD on that CD driver it could be the
same. You didn't said where you had recorded you iso and I don't know
if you try the other CDs one or many times.

I always suspect hardware first when it is a CD problem.
I recommend you try replacing the cd drive with the one in your
desktop Windows machine, if possible. You didn't say if this one is a
laptop or desktop.

You have a CD that boots there and don't boot here. What are the
differences is what I would ask, right?
Regarding hardware and bios.
btw, update the bios? What is your machine, a dell? :)

Just thought hardware was worse mentioning, even if it is a weird
problem description

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