PC does not recognize live CD

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at s7.dion.ne.jp
Fri May 7 09:36:27 UTC 2010

Steve Grace さんは書きました:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>          The 10.04 LiveCD is bad and it comes up with a blank screen 
>> with two tiny things near the bottom. When you see these try typing Esc 
>> and maybe it will work.
> The 10.04 live CD works fine here. It's just different from previous 
> versions; instead of asking questions about language, what you want to 
> do, etc., up front, it asks near the end of the boot process. Be patient.
> I've seen the two icons in question; does anyone know what they're 
> supposed to represent?
> Steve
It does not seem to work that way here.
Pressing "esc" at **ANY** time has no effect. The computer ALWAYS boots 
from the HDD
BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM first.
LiveCDs that DO work:
Ubuntu 9.04

LiveCDs that DO NOT work:
Ubuntu 9.10
Ubuntu 10.4
Ubuntu 8.10 etc.
Fedora 10
OpenSUSE just tried 10.3

So, of all the disks I have (tested) TWO actually work (=meaning that 
the computer is functioning and booting from CD is possible.
The others don't.
To answer another question: except the "debian" disk, ALL disks 
(including the one that works = 9.04) were prepared using my Windows 
exactly the same equipment, same stack of new CDs etc.

WHAT is the difference between a live Ubuntu 9.04 and a live Ubuntu 
9.10/10.4 etc.
Since one actually DOES work, it cannot be the computer, can it?
Also, someone suggested downloading a new file, burn the CD again.
Does not work. This time I downloaded both the English 10.04 as well as 
the Japanese localized version of 10.4. Neither works.
And I tried this before: downloading 2-3 times, burning new disks. But 
that did not help.

What magic is required to make this thing work???

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