10.04 w/ wireless router

Gilles Gravier ggravier at fsfe.org
Mon May 3 06:48:24 UTC 2010


Some routers have fancy Windows applications to enable easy
configurations... but just about every single model on the market (I
have yet to see one that doesn't) has a means to fully administer it via
a web browser.

Normally this is done by connecting your PC to the router (cable which
requires no configuration except DHCP, or wireless if the router has a
default ESSID and encryption key that you can find in the documentation).

Then... usually the router's IP address is the same as the address that
your PC will show as the default gateway. In most cases this is an RFC
1597/1627/1918 compatible IP address like So you point your
web browser to (or whatever your default router is).

The admin login password should be documented in your router's paper
manual / easy setup guide.

For Linksys routers, login is blank, password is "admin".

Other brands will vary, but a combination of admin (for login or not)
and admin or 1234 for password should get you there easily. :)


On 02/05/2010 17:44, Bob Hickey wrote:
> Will a wireless router work with Lucid? Or, do I need to use the
> software which says Win 7?  Thanx Bob H.

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