Option to use /dev values instead of UUID values

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Mar 24 15:12:57 UTC 2010

Liam Proven wrote:

> You are, as ever, being an idiot, Karl.
> For starters, I, like many power users, professionals and so on, add
> and remove partitions on machines all the time.
> But using partition IDs, be they UUIDs or GUIDs or whatever, is a
> majorly beneficial move. It enables the OS to correctly find its
> volumes and boot even when:
> - the motherboard died and the disks were moved onto a new one;
> - the system drive is moved into an external case;
> - the partitions are copied onto new physical media if the old media
> was failing;
> - the partitions were moved onto a new larger drive as part of an upgrade.
> It is harder work for those who manually edit fstab, yes, but the
> payback is immense. As someone who fixes computers for a living, I
> would be very unhappy if someone who was too lazy to copy & paste
> UUIDs chose not to use them and as a result I was unable to rely on
> Ubuntu still working if its partitions were rearranged.

And still there's the big elephant in the room that gets overlooked by 
many Linux users who lovingly cherish and maintain old computers.  Back 
in the day, over 90% (number pulled from arse) computers had exactly 1 
hard drive controller, which could hand a maximum of 4 hard drives, and 
the method to reference those hard drives was fixed (primary and 
secondary master/slave).  Pretty simple to keep /dev notation in line. 
But now that's completely different. Most Mobos have at least 2 hard 
drive IO controllers, 3 or 4 buses, and the bios reference to each drive 
is completely fluid, and can often get changed with no notice.  Going 
back to /dev is just not an option, and making it one on install is just 
inviting a regression in terms of support and ease of use.

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