How to add a menu entry for all users

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Mon Jun 28 15:02:10 UTC 2010

28.06.2010 14:05, Olivier Nicole:

> Ubuntu 10.4, many users on the workstation.
> I want to add an Application menu entry for all the users.
> I could find many resources that describe how to create/modify a file
> in /usr/share/applications.
> But then what? How to make that file effective? How to add it to the
> menu hierarchy?

If you already have a *.desktop file to launch your application (for
example myapp.desktop) you can add it to the menu for all users by doing
something like
sudo xdg-desktop-menu install --novendor --mode system myapp.desktop
If you do it this way, the exact place where the launcher appears in the
menu hierarchy depends on the the value of the Categories entry in

man xdg-desktop-menu
for more information.


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