10.4 choking

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Sun Jun 27 18:30:57 UTC 2010

On Jun 27, 2010, at 2:17 PM, Ronald B Cadby <RCadby at RonCadby.org> wrote:

> I seem to be having the choking problem with 10.4, i.e. graying  and
> frozen screen(s).  This isn't the first occurrence. I had the same
> FireFox gray-outs others have mentioned here on prior installs.
> After three 10.4 installs (won't bore you with those details) the last
> one was done with a 'use whole disk' install from a live ISO CD.

OK, what is this 'whole disk' of which you speak?  Isn't the whole  
disk copied when you use the Ubuntu installer?

> Most went well until I installed Wine and NoteTabPro opening a very
> large file to edit. NTP always did this effortlessly on previous  
> ubuntu
> versions.

How did you install WINE?  This is not on the disk, right?

> The NTP program display in the status bar that it had opened the  
> fill in
> memory. I'm guessing, but this looks like Lucid is not handling
> resources properly.
> Also, a boot problem showed up at the same time, i.e. it hangs at the
> splash screen wait period. I'm again guessing that something is taking
> too long to process triggering this fault. Even after removing the
> "silent splash" option it still hangs up. If I close the laptop lid  
> and
> reopen it it somehow 'wakes up' the frozen process and finally  
> finishes
> the boot. Go figure.

Sorry about your difficulties installing to a laptop!  I'm afraid I  
can't help you, but I will be following this thread as I may want to  
install Ubuntu in my Dell Studio 1560.

> My question is, should I and how can I 'adjust' the Lucid install re
> memory or swap space or whatever might fix this problem?
> I'll try not to use NTP until I get this solved.
> FYI: I'm using a Dell laptop Vostro 1000 and, as I said, all has gone
> well with ubuntu until now.
> TIA......Ron

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math & CS
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