setting up ftp and sftp servers

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Sun Jun 27 17:14:21 UTC 2010

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> On Jun 24, 2010, at 6:45 PM, Tim Henderson <bizdev at>  
> wrote:
>>> I just fell heir to 2 quad-core Intel Xeon boxes.  So I would like  
>>> to
>>> replace these old servers!  I was looking at Ubuntu's server edition
>>> but see that its all command line driven, no GUI.  I was wondering  
>>> how
>>> complicated it is to add ftp and sftp services to a desktop edition?
>> Its easy to add sFTP, SSH, and FTP to either the Server or Desktop
>> editions of Ubuntu.  Simple as this really:
>> sudo apt-get install openssh-server vsftpd
>> Thats it.  The config files or in the /etc directory:
>> ssh/sshd_config
>> vsftpd.conf
>> Tons of good documentation on config options on the web
> I know I read the dox
> I am dying to try out vsftp and openssh-server

Well, I was afraid of this.  The school year has ended and the campus  
is closed until 9/1 and the tech guys never showed up with the 2  
public drips I needed to finish installation of my new servers!.  This  
is rediculous being held up by 2 fraking wires!

I got a lot done these last two weeks during finals with your help,  
thanx a lot!  I figured out how install my students' boxes plus the  
jre plugin for firefox using aptitude with a proxy server.  I figured  
out how to get around the stupid school filters for YouTube channel  
and blogspot!

I guess I'll be back in the saddle in Sept....

Thanx for all your help,
A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math & CS
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