ubuntu virtualization options when no HW virt support?

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at list-post.mks-mail.de
Sun Jun 27 11:21:41 UTC 2010

27.06.2010 02:43, Liam Proven:

> 2010/6/27 Markus Schönhaber <ubuntu-users at list-post.mks-mail.de>:
>> 27.06.2010 02:18, Liam Proven:
>>> For server virtualisation, not consumer desktop virtualisation, there
>>> is Xen and KVM, but both require hardware virtualisation support.
>> No.
>> Xen does require hardware virtualization support to run guests in HVM
>> mode. But if one only wants to run paravirtualized guests, it's possible
>> to do so on a System/CPU without VT extensions.
> True, one can use paravirtualisation without VT or AMD-V, but it's not
> much use

It may not be of much use for you but it's *very* useful for me. And
neither of us can judge of how much use it may be for others.

> and only certain FOSS OSs will run within it.

Yes, that's basically what paravirtualization is about.

> These days, for
> Xen to have functional parity with other hypervisors, you need VT/AMD-V.

Maybe. But that doesn't change the fact, that the statement
"Xen and KVM, but both require hardware virtualisation support"
is not true.

To explicitly state the difference (again):
No hardware virtualization -> No KVM whatsoever.
No hardware virtualization -> PV guests: yes. HV guests: no.


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