Brasero wiped out all my files

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Sat Jun 26 16:30:01 UTC 2010

On Saturday 26 June 2010 04:37 AM, NoOp wrote:
> On 06/25/2010 12:00 PM, rbv wrote:
>> Gentleman
>> i was trying to burn a DVD, using Brasero. when it said it will delete
>> old list or something, in order to load a new project, i clicked ok.
>> Now i find all my stored files, some 24 GBs of them all gone. Moreover,
>> Firefox loads as new, all bookmarks gone.
>> few applications i tried they started as if for the first time.
>> Trash indicates it has four items, but i am not able to empty it.
>> I find four disks at the bottm of the toolbar. i tried clicking them.
>> but nothing happens, trash remains
>> Internet has slowed
> Something doesn't make sense here. Brasero should not have deleted your
> files&  in testing I can't reproduce. Nor can I find any related bugs in
> launchpad reporting a similar issue.
> Even deleting files from the current project states:
> <quote>
> Do you really want to empty the current project?
> Emptying a project will remove all files already added. All the work
> will be lost. Note that files will not be deleted from their own
> location, just no longer listed here.
> </quote>
> So, are you _sure_ that the 24Gb of files that you are missing are
> really missing? Please open Nautilus (Places|Home) and see if the
> files/folders are actually still there. Also, it's helpful if you
> provided more details on: 1) where the files were, and 2) how you
> accessed them previously.
> Regarding your trash folder; what specific files are you referring to?
> Are they related to the files that you were accessing in Brasero?
> Regardless, you can restore the files to their original location by
> double-clicking the trash bin (or right-clicking&  selecting 'Open
> Trash'. The single-click on a file in the bin and select 'Edit|Restore'
> and that will restore the file to it's original location.
> No clue what the "four disks at the bottm of the toolbar" are. Can you
> detail further? Also please advise what version of Ubuntu you are using
> and which desktop (KDE or Gnome, etc).
Thank you for your reply.
Gnome  2.30.0
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid

Ubuntu, i upgraded online, from an earlier version.

Next to Trash, in semi opaque there are four small squares, when i place 
my mouse over them , each square identifies as disk 1, disk 2 and so on. 
When i click on any of them the present desktop disappears a blank one 

When i place my mouse over Trash, it shows there are items. When i open 
it , it is empty already, nothing to empty manually. But it still shows 
items inside.

My desktop picture gone, a black blue screen now.

Firefox was running at that time.  after the incident, Firefox lost all 
the book marks, add ons,. Now it is running in a laboured way, earliar 
it was smooth.

The machine was upto date, using update manager

After incident, when i restared the machine, it said DVD apt is not 
found , it downloaded and installed.

I had installed Cromiam broswer also. it went missing, and the update 
manager re installed it.

I searched the machine as you adviced, and did not find the files or 

I had my folders saved in all places, documents, videos, music, desktop, 
pictures. They are all now empty.

I have a compact 80 GB, Hitachi harddisk. But not able to see any volume 
change, so it may be possible that all of them are I am afraid to use 
disk utility in the System, moreover it says no onlone capability fsck 
tool and it is mounted, when i click check repair file system.

Earlier i was using DeVeDe , and made a few dvds.

It is exactly as you have quoted in your message, it came in Brassaro.  
This is the very first time I tried Brassaro. Since there was NO earlier 
project, i thought some cache it was clearing.

Almost all the installed applications, VLC, Thunder Bird, are all 
started as if first time.

I am not a tech. one. I would provide any other information required to 
solve this problem.

If worse comes to worst, if it is surmised that i have somehow lost all 
stored data, i can reformat the machine and start from the begining. I 
have a Ubuntu ISO DVD, i made, Using it how to reinstall it new.

Your help, i am awaiting,

Thanking you with regards


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