Delayed opening of the 'Network' place in Nautilus.

ceed cdposter-gmane at
Sat Jun 26 13:02:09 UTC 2010


I am using Avahi with sftp.ssh.service added to /etc/avahi/services to  
enable discovery of ssh enabled computers on the network. They now show up  
under the "Network" place in Nautilus and when I click the "Network  
Servers" icon on the desktop. I do not have Samba installed at all since I  
do not have any Windows computers around anymore. This works great except  
for the fact than in Ubuntu 10.04 it takes about 40 seconds to 1 minute  
after I click the "Network" icon or the "Network" place icon in Nautilus  
before the window with the connected computers show up. There's no wait  
dialog or pop-up explaining what's going on, it's just like nothing is  
happening until the window suddenly comes up. In 9.04 it was only a few  
seconds delay. This delay only happens the first time I open 'Network'.  
After that it's pretty much instant. I never saw these delays when using  
Samba. Any idea why it takes so long in 10.04? I have a feeling it has to  
do with Nautilus or maybe gvfs since 'avahi-discover' shows the ssh  
networked computers instantly.


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