Need network advice

Patrick Doyle wpdster at
Fri Jun 25 15:21:15 UTC 2010

On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:00 AM, Chuck Kuecker <ckuecker at> wrote:
> If I redirect port 8080 to the device's port 80, anyone accessing the
> device has to specify port 8080 in their web browser, correct?

Correct.  I meant to mention that in my earlier post.  Your customer
should be able to browse to and it will show
up on the device at port 80 (assuming you set up your router).

If that causes angst for you or your customer, I can think of only 2
other options for you (although I'm sure there are more than 2

1) Change your personal web site to port 8080 and route port 80 to
your customer's device.

2) Obtain another static IP address from your ISP.  I'm not sure
if/how well/ your ISP/router will be able to deal with this.

Hmmm.... I just came up with a 3rd possibility, which is outside my
realm of expertise.  Perhaps you could just obtain a new domainname
for your customer's device and configure apache to
redirect/pipe/tunnel/proxy to the device.  I don't know anything about
apache configuration, so I'm way out of my league here.


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