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Chuck Kuecker ckuecker at
Fri Jun 25 14:33:17 UTC 2010

Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:
> Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> 192.168.0.x is not a 'static ip' aka assigned real ip address. I assume 
> you have a router that does the appropriate natting for you...
I've got a static IP assigned by my ISP. 192.168.0 is the local network.
> I suspect that firestarter will set the incoming policy to drop/reject.
> please pastebin the output of 'iptables -L -n' at
> I suppose that you already have ip forwarding enabled given your comment 
> about tftp working from to
iptables output pasted...
>> Ultimately, I want the local DNS server to steer HTTP traffic for the 
>> development system to its' internal IP, while HTTP traffic to my regular 
>> web site goes to the main web server on the Ubuntu box at, 
>> so my customer could access and interact with the development system. 
> would be so much easier with djbdns' tinydns...
Interesting. I did not realize bind was a security mess. I will look at 
switching over. Got to be cautious - if I screw up my DNS, I might lose 
my email, and that would not be good.
>> Obviously, I cannot give him the internal IP address to put in his 
>> browser. I think I need to make changes to the BIND configuration files, 
>> and have studied the O'Reilly DNS and BIND book, but I just get more 
>> confused.
> heh. You need to use views. Fun, fun, fun.
??? Googling 'Ubuntu views' turns up a slew of stuff. Do you have a link?

Everything is now on the 192.168.0. network. The device can reach my 
mail server. I'm getting '403 Forbidden' when I try the web server in 
the device now - but I can fix that. At least I am getting a response now.
> What do you want to achieve?
The ultimate goal is for my customer to be able to access the web server 
in the device from the Internet. He's going to do the web page 
development while I work on the controlling code in the thing.
C coding is my skill - web page development is definitely NOT.

Chuck Kuecker

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