synaptic, update manager, and Software center not working

Mark Widdicombe mwiddicombe at
Fri Jun 25 13:21:59 UTC 2010

> On Wed, 2010-06-23 at 14:16 +0000, mdovell at wrote:
> > My laptop for some reason can't reach these functions. when trying it
> > doesn't load them at all. Other functions are fine. No passwords have
> > been changed. I've seen the same problem on a message board but
> > there's no answer posted other than hinting it might have something
> to
> > do with the API. Anyone else get this?
> "not working" and "can't reach" are no precise descriptions of your
> problem. Try to extract an error message from the computer and please
> post the exact wording here.
I had this problem when I first installed 9.10 a few months back.  The person I got the disk from had customised it for his environment and there was a file in /etc/apt called, if I recall correctly, apt-proxy or something like that.  It was causing apt and, by extension, synaptic etc. to attempt to connect via a proxy server.  Once I removed that file I was able to connect.



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