paml_ldap will not work with TLS

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Fri Jun 25 05:39:09 UTC 2010


On this machine I have two Ubuntu distribution installed, 8.x and

I also have an Openldap sever handling the user accounts.

I managed to configure 8.x to authenticate with LDAP, but 10.4 will
not: it fails as soon as I try to use crypted LDAP, either with ladps
or TLS.

I have copied the /etc/ldap.conf file from one machine to the other
with no success.

I must be missing some stupid point.

On a side note, as I am my own signing authority, I had to install my
owh CA certificates. I do not see the last access time of the CA
certificates chaging when doing a "ls -lrtu". Even if I manually cat
the certificate, the last acess time remains the same.

What am I doing wrong?


Best regards,


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