nm off panel

踏雪 zhuzxsandy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 09:06:51 UTC 2010

you can do this:

   1. *ctrl + alt +F1*
   2. login in with your own account
   3. use this command *sudo service gdm stop*
   4. use this command* sudo service gdm start*
   5. now you can login in and have a nomal gnome.

after this, i reccomand you to use this command in the terminal to remove
the gnome-setting
*rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-settings*

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On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 16:24, Tim Hanson <tjhanson at comcast.net> wrote:

> My network manager disappeared this time when I booted my laptop.
> ps -A shows nm-applet is running, and thanks to auto connection I do have
> wireless.  A check of startup applications shows its box is checked.  What
> happened, and how do I fix it?
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