Security concern

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Thu Jun 24 06:45:04 UTC 2010


On 24/06/2010 01:30, Ashley Benton wrote:
> Hi,
> I plugged an external hard drive into Ubuntu 9:10 and it didn't se it.
> The hard drive seemed to  be working but Ubuntu didn't see it. 
> The owner told me that it was fat32 and working with Windows. My
> question is why Ubuntu didn't see the hard drive and could the hard
> drive do something
> (download files on the computer, install something or download files
> from the computer...)
> I checked the kernel log, sys log, debug log, daemon log and user log
> and didn't see anything concerning the hard drive. 
> Thanks
> Meg

1) This is NOT a "Security concern".
2) Ubuntu should, by default, be able to mount fat32 volumes.

Open gparted (type "sudo gparted" in a shell window, and if that's not
yet installed, install it with the instructions given when you tried to
launch it)

Check (top right of gparted) if the disk is visible (it will be called
/dev/sdX , where X is a letter depending on how many disks you already
have... a is first disk, b is second... you get the picture). Find the
one for your disk. Let's suppose it's "b"... then when you select
/dev/sdb you will see what the partition table for that disk looks like.

It should be fat32... but could be something else.

Ubuntu mounts fat32 disks automatically.

But... it doesn't know about extended fat (exFAT) volumes...

Have YOU tried it on another windows system?


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