Is there a way to change the location of the minimize/maximize Windows in Lucid?

Donkey Hottie donkey at
Wed Jun 23 17:25:04 UTC 2010

On 23.6.2010 19:54, Tom H wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 11:48 AM, Donkey Hottie <donkey at> wrote:
>> I see no difference with or without quotes.
> LOL. You must have misread my email. I said " this case it works...".
> But I also said that quotes aren't just useful for white space.
> Try doing an
> aptitude ?task(mail-server)
> without escaping the question mark and parenthesis with single or
> double quotes (or backslashes).

OK. You are correct. I was too much in this case ;)

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		-- William Shakespeare, "As You Like It"

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