Video Display/Resolution Issue part 2 :)

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Tue Jun 22 15:25:04 UTC 2010

On Tue, 22 Jun 2010 08:04:01 -0400
Ray Leventhal <ubuntu at> wrote:

> I have a similar issue to chris'.  So as to not be of thread hijacking, 
> I've started a new one :)
> Since we're on video / Lucid / K V M Switch stuff:
> My system is connected to a digital keyboard/video/mouse switch as I run 
> 2 systems on dissimilar networks.  If I'm on the 'other' box when I boot 
> my Lucid box, I get 640x480.  Simple workaround is log out and log back 
> in, all good.  No resolution issues when I'm looking at Lucid when it boots.
> I know that Lucid is doing runtime video config as opposed to using a 
> static config file (old-school) and I assume that my resolution would be 
> just fine if I had one (static config).
> So question 1 becomes: is that true?  If I have a static X11 config file 
> would that fix my problem.
> If so, question 2 is: How would I go about finding out the runtime 
> settings that I like so as to create one?
I have the same problem with a KVM. If you go into 'rescue mode' and drop to root, you can then run 'Xorg -configure'. This will generate a new xorg.conf file in /root, which you can copy to /etc.  I have found it may need a little bit of twiddling occasionally but, generally it works OK.

Steve Cook (Yorvyk) 

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