Video/Display resolution issue

chris chevhq at
Mon Jun 21 01:24:25 UTC 2010

I have an irritating issue with screen resolution in Ubuntu 10.4

Hardware  HP p4workstation 2gig ram
Saphire Radeon X300SE video card.
Monitor Viewsonic Ws 22inch' Widescreen  LED (TFT?)  Native resolution
A kvmswitch
How ever I have tried plugging the system into the monitor with out the
kvm switch in use.  No Difference

Using Unbuntu Lucid.

The issue   If I use this monitor, I can not get a resolution higher
than 1200x1080.
The detected monitor is Default Display

If I plug into my old Sony 17", I can get up to 1600x1200. The detected
monitor is Sony

The Xrandr commands are not accepted by the system, if I use a modeline
generated by CVT.

What is really irritating, is that under Ubuntu 8.04,the resolution was
fine at 1600x1050 on the viewsonic monitor.

Any pointers or help would be gratefully received
Chris T

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