Windows have no controls or title bar after upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04

baldyeti e_fax_t at
Sun Jun 20 10:19:45 UTC 2010

This sounds like the problem I had under the same upgrade path.
Someone on the ubuntu support forum correctly suggested I was
missing the "gnome-compiz" package; I hope it'll work for you,

On 20/06/2010 06:34, R. A. Bilonick wrote:
> I tested 10.04 using the livecd before upgrading to 10.04 from 9.10. The
> windows looked fine in the live cd. You had borders around the windows
> with controls in the upper left for closing and resizing the windows.
> You had a title bar that you could grab to move the window, etc.
> After upgrading to 10.04, the default windows are defective. No controls
> and no title bar. Plus, the cpu usage now runs at 62% all the time even
> when not running any applications.
> If I change the appearance (system|preferences|appearance) and change
> "Visual Effects" from "none" to "normal", I get window controls and
> title bar, but they are not "embellished" as they should be for 10.04.
> Clearly, the gnome window manager or some such software did not upgrade
> correctly. How can I fix this? I installed LXDE and the system runs
> normally using LXDE (no 62% cpu usage and the window controls etc. are
> what you would expect). I've tried re-installing various gnome
> components without any improvement.

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