Installing tar.bz2 help

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> Thanks to those who tried to help. (ill try to read up on TAR. ) :)
> Ed

Ed, like I said, if you want the pre-compiled debs and DO have access
to the internet (from your friend's computer, I believe you said) all
you need is a USB key and the links I sent previously.

Otherwise, tar's not that bad to use... just remember:

tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz
tar jxvf filename.tar.bz2

depending on how a certain package is compressed.

BUT, my point is, you most likely do not have the build-essentials
stuff installed, and so while it may be more time consuming, the
easiest path would be to utilize your friend's computer and connection
to get the binary .deb packages and install those.

If you DO have build-essentials installed (and it MAY be on your
Ubuntu install CD, I don't honestly remember if it's part of the ISO
or not) then you can use the tarball and build from the OSE source...
which is far more educational ;-)

Good Luck...


Thanks for your help.
I am going to my friends house to do an update and possibly move to Lucid, I 
did find out i dont have some Dev tools so ill Load up on all the FUN 
stuff.and untill i get DSL ill use Thumb to get  .DEBS or buy 1TB HD and 
mirror or sync,and just get all Repos.will find out which is best.
Thanks again

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