How to hide a second IBus icon

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Thu Jun 17 10:37:33 UTC 2010

NoOp さんは書きました:
> Try:
> $ gconf-editor
> desktop|ibus|panel|uncheck 'show_icon_on_systray
> BTW: you may have gconf-editor in Applications|System
> Tools|Configuration Editor
> already. The menu may be hidden, so right click on Applications & click
> 'Edit Menus', go to 'System Tools' and if you see 'Configuration Editor'
> unchecked, check it. That way you don't have to run from the terminal.
Thank you. That is another cool trick I did not know.
However, it does not help.
Removing/Adding the check mark for "show_icon_on_systray" shows/hides 
the icon in the top panel,
but has no effect on the annoying white rectangle in the right lower 
corner (I can move it to other places, but it is still annoying).

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