how to configure squid

ning luwen ningluwen at
Tue Jun 15 16:10:02 UTC 2010

> Get on the squid mailing list perhaps? (Seeing as this is not an ubuntu issue)
Sorry, i don't think so, if software in ubuntu is not a ubuntu issue,
i really don't know what may here talk about ...
> Also you haven't actually said what is wrong? You have just said
> a.b.c.e can connect through squid and f.g.h.i can't. Are you trying to
> say that they should be able to and so something is wrong or is there
> another problem?
it is ok in windows use proxy software like ccproxy in the same case.
so here i seek a way to do the same thing in ubuntu,
use squid or something else.
> If all you have changed from the initial config is the "deny all" to
> "allow all", have a look at the local subnet details for who squid
> will serve maybe?
i thought all is not constrained to local subnet , isn't that true?


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