broken ssh [solved]

Mark C. Miller mr.mcmiller at
Mon Jun 14 12:27:43 UTC 2010

On 06/13/2010 07:44 AM, Mark C. Miller wrote:
> During my school year, I was able to ssh into my box which, has a domain
> name assigned by DYNDNS. I used "Places>>Connect to server" to do this.
> Connectivity ceased the last week of May while running 9.10. Now, when I
> try that, it connects (accepts my login ID), but stops at the password.
>    I use the same password that I use to login under that system ID on
> the box itself.  The password works to login to the system directly.
> I've tried loogging in from the command line:  "ssh
> eyore15 at" works.  It then asks for my password and
> then will not accept the assigned password for the system. I also:
> a.  Rebooted the router/foreced a new IP address via DHCP
> b.  Reset the IP address at DYNDNS
> c.  Reset the ssh port forwarding for port 22  to match the new port
> ( after rebooting the router
> d.  Deleted "known_hosts" from .ssh for "eyore15"
> e.  Checked the router for:
>            1.  correct IP address at router and dyndns
>            2.  the correct IP address (
>            3.  Verified port forwarding had port 104 forwarded to TCP 22
> f.  No knowing if it made a difference or not, I turned off security in
> "Preferences>>Remote Desktop"
> g.  Installed Ubuntu 10.04
> h.  Deleted/reinstalled ssh from the repositories (used Synaptic if that
> makes a difference)
> I can't think of anything else to do.  It's really important that I be
> able to ssh into this machine.  I use it as a master repository for all
> my school files (I have everything backed up too)
> Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.
> mcm

After everyone's help, it turned out to be the obvious.  When I upgraded 
to 10.04, I somehow changed my userid to mark instead of eyore15 (which 
is what I used under 9.10).  Since the login screen showed my full name, 
I didn't notice.  When I accidently hoovered the cursor over the login 
name (mark c. miller), I noticed that it said "mark" and suddenly it all 
made sense.  Checking accounts was one of the first pieces of advice I 
got, and I really thought I had it correct.  Thanks to all that helped. 
  I learned a lot about how the login process works though.

Mark C. Miller
eyore15 at

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