Ubuntu amd64 freezes randomly

Aaron soulblade at ntlworld.com
Sun Jun 13 13:21:21 UTC 2010

On 13/06/10 08:58, Daniel wrote:
> Hello, I have a very strange problem regarding my ubuntu laptop. 
> Randomly it freezes and by this I mean everything freezes, sound, 
> video, mouse cursor. I am not able to do anything(any key 
> combinations, anything). Why is this happening, how can I debug it and 
> fix this problem? I'm running ubuntu amd64 on my dell inspiron 1545.
> Thank you in advance for your help.
Have you checked to see of the laptop is clogged with dust. I have seen 
a few computers that have been crashing due to the warmer weather recently.

You may want to try lm_sensors. Its a tool that will help you monitor 
the temperature of your CPU. If the temperature starts to creep past 
70*C (158*F ?)  then your laptop is probably over heating.

Once overheating is eliminated, people may find it easier to find the 

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