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Hi, Jeff -- (1) no -- I didn't "install" anything -- I selected the "try ubuntu" button.
(2) I tried using ubuntu for user and blank password.  It cycled back thru the colored screen and went back to the logon screen.  If I use ubuntu for both the user name and the password, I get an authentication failure which then switches back to the login screen. Does that info tell you anything?
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> As a first time user, I downloaded 10.04 to CD and used the "trial" boot method.  The first screen I see requests that I "log in", and asks for user name and password.  What are the default entries to get past this hurdle?

That's weird.  It should have just booted you straight into the live
environment and given you a desktop.

First obvious question, did you actually INSTALL anything?  or Did you
try the top button that says "Try Ubuntu"?

As for login, try username ubuntu and leave the password blank. I
THINK that was the default for the older live CDs and may still hold

I'm more interested though in why you're getting a login prompt for
the live environment... what kind of system are you running?  what
kind of hardware is in it?




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